Kultura Pilipino is to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the Filipino culture, traditions, and sports locally and globally by building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities through the development of the person socially, physically, spiritually, and academically.

Kultura Pilipino was organized to serve as a Center for the Promotion of Filipino Culture and Tradition. These purposes include the following:

• To promote the Filipino Culture and Traditions through the performance of Arts, Dances, Language and Songs by participating in national and international cultural arts and festivals.
• To educate the community where Filipino thrives about the contributions and role of Filipinos in shaping the culture and society.
• To serve as a model for the ethnic groups to follow the future development of diversity offerings in their community.
• To award grants to research in the preservation and proliferation of the Filipino culture, customs and tradition, and language/dialects.
• To strengthen families and communities, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for cultural diversity through dance, academic and family programs.
• To provide deserving local high school students with scholarships so they may continue their education in the performing arts.
• To use and preserve the ancient Filipino handwriting (Baybayin).